Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pickle Jars

Do pickle jars come with your pickling kit?

When you contact this amazing company and order one of their wonderful pickling kits you will receive one of their decorative pickle jars. Visit their very user friendly website and find out more about their pickling kits right now.

Why use their pickle jars?

Their very stunning pickle jars in their kits are beautifully decorated and you will be thrilled with the divine pickles that you can make all by yourself. Follow their really easy steps and create those special pickles that you can give to your friends and family as a really special gift.

What can you expect to pay for the pickle jars in their kits?

The pickle jars come standard with their kits. When you order one of their kits for $24.95, you will receive a pickling jar, 3 brine packages, a recipe book with 9 different recipes, which are vinegar free.


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