Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dill Pickle

The Many Sides of a Dill Pickle

The dill pickle can be a snack or a part of a meal. The popularity of this pickle has lead many people on a search for the best pickle possible. The best ones are usually those that are homemade, but many people are afraid to try their hand at the pickling process. With the DZ Pickle Kit, you will find that making your own pickles is a simple as adding a few ingredients and allowing them to do their natural pickling process. Within a week, you can have fresh and crunch pickles that you will love. Where do you start?

Dill Pickle Variety

To start making your perfect dill pickle, you will first determine which recipe that you are going to use. Whether you like your pickles hot or extra sour, you will be able to customize the pickling recipe to create pickles that you will love. Add cucumbers, smashed garlic, fresh dill, and other ingredients as directed, along with the brine package. Fill the jar with water and screw the lid on the jar. Let it sit for one week and you are ready to try your pickles! Not spicy or sour enough? Let them sit for another week or so. You will find that making your own pickles has never been simpler! To learn more about this kit, visit:


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