Friday, April 3, 2009

Brine Recipe

Is It Your Brine Recipe That is the Problem?

Have you tried and tried to make your own pickles with no success? Maybe the problem is in your brine recipe. Brine is what gives pickles their taste and without the right ingredients, your pickles will not taste as good as you would like. How would you like for me to give you a brine recipe that has been used for over five generations and thousands of times? You can have all that you need for great pickles with our DZ Pickle Kit to make the pickles that your mouth has been looking for.

Try Our Tried and True Brine Recipe

Our DZ Pickle Kit includes recipes for making all different kinds of pickles, as well as our special pickle jar, brine mix, and peppers to allow you to make just the right pickles for you. Do you dream of the days when you would eat your Grandmother’s homemade pickles? This pickling kit will give you the same fresh taste within just a week. All you have to do is add the brine recipe package, cucumbers, water, smashed garlic, and fresh dill to create pickles that you will love. Your only problem will be waiting the week to eat them! To learn more about this pickle kit, you will want to visit:


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