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Pickled Beets

Making your own pickled beets isn't as difficult as you probably imagine. First, you will want to buy a pickling kit. This will come with several things that will be handy to you as you're pickling. First, it should come with a large jar to help make pickling easier. Second, it should come with a brining package that will be season and pickle your vegetables. A good one is found at

Once you have your kit, it's time to get started on your pickled beets. Many people make the mistake of filling the jar with beets. The best plan is actually to fill the jar about ¾ full first. Then you'll add the spices you want. Typically this would be garlic and dill. You might also add some pepper if you want your beets to have a kick. This is also the time to add the brining package. One you've added the spices, you'll add more beets to fill up the jar.

When your jar is full of beets and you've got the seasonings and brine added, you'll want to add water to the jar. You want it to be cover all of the beets but not be too full. Otherwise you run the risk of making a mess and sloshing out your spice and brine mixture. Then screw the lid on tightly and give it a few good shakes to get everything mixed up. Around 7 or 8 should be good. You're now well on your way to pickled beets.

Now that you've got everything mixed up it's time to wait. Usually in around a week you'll be ready to eat your pickled beets. You want to make sure that you're storing the jar on the counter, unrefrigerated. Once your beets are ready, you can put them in a smaller jar for easier storage. You'll then be ready to start pickling other types of vegetables if you'd like. You can try any veggies you want or even try pickling your own eggs.

Making your own pickled beets at home is a lot of fun and helps to ensure that you have healthy snacks that are ready when you need them. When you're running out the door with little time, all you have to do is grab a few of your pickled vegetables. They're easy to take with you, taste great and are healthy too. For more information on all the types of vegetables you can pickle, visit






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