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Refrigerator Dill Pickles
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Best Pickles

Customers will get perfect results every time with DZ Pickles' pickling kits. To obtain the best pickles in the world all customers have to do is to choose a recipe from DZ Pickles' recipe book, select the vegetables they want to preserve and wash them thoroughly before drying. The vegetables will be chopped, diced and sliced and placed in DZ Pickles' special jar. The best pickles makers should then sprinkle the special spices over the chopped vegetables and cover with the brine mixture. Customers are warned not to overfill the jar as once the lid is on the jar needs to be shaken seven times and then left to sit at room temperature on a counter in the kitchen. Just one week later customers will have achieved the making of the best pickles around.

DZ Pickles recommend that customers begin to make the best pickles with cucumber, dill and garlic and the spice packet contents with pepper to taste. The DZ Pickles family team is already working on more pickling kits for tomato, cabbage, olives and celery and customers are invited to make requests should they require something different. The DZ Pickles team will be delighted to make up a kit for them. The best pickles made in customers' own home kitchens will quickly become the favorite accompaniment for hot or cold family meals. Barbecues are not the same if they don't have the best pickles possible on the side and the home made best pickles produced with the help of DZ Pickles pickling kits will be a big hit with guests.

The best pickles possible made with DZ Pickles recipes and kits have been making the news in such daily newspapers as The Denver Post, Los Angeles Times, the Miami Herald, Beverly Hills Today and the Detroit Free Press. The best pickles pickling kits and recipes have also featured in journals such as Bon Appetit, The Post and Post Foods. DZ Pickles has received praise and smacked lips from the food editors of many other publications. Customers can order DZ Pickles recipe book and pickling kits, follow the instructions and sit back and wait to see the astonishment on a friend's face when you announce that you made them yourself.






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Refrigerator Dill Pickles Refrigerator Dill Pickles Refrigerator Dill Pickles